Differences in Solar Design (Webinar)

Differences in Solar Design (Webinar)

Today we talk about differences in Solar Electric Services, conversation topics around DesignImplementation, ROI and what Solar can do for you among others.

If you go to any of the Big Box stores, you will find many variaties of smaller solar powered lights, with a small 'silicon waffer' and single rechargeable battery. These fixtures power on when the sun sets and fizzles out in the night. This is an example of what we are NOT talking about. 



Lets think about your Residential or Commercial building, each having a Meter and Main breaker panel located within proximity. This is your local power Utility powered by the local municipality , Middle Tennessee Electric, Dickson Electric, NES or similar. SISLINK Services builds a similar 'Electric Service' powered by Solar energy, capable of being located remotely, in the middle of acreage, to power any detached building up to 70 Amperes.

  • Solar electricity Offerings / Key Differences
  • ROI  Cost Calculation / Where Solar Pays off
  • Federal Investment tax Credit ( ITC )
  • Stored Energy Requirements / Real-time Energy

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